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Inside 121

Inside 121 is a social network website dedicated to adult topics. The users can independently upload texts, pictures, comment, like, ... It's all about flirting, getting to know each other, finding like-minded people, but also addressing problems and handicaps.So, among other things, groups can be created. These can be swinger groups, friends of FC "Somewhere", as well as self-help groups of people with medical problems or other grief. does not "find" anyone for you - you have to do it yourself - as in real life: you are posing, looking for people you like or whose posts you are addressing, sending a friend request, or message and letting things go. will never send computer generated friend requests as well as messages, that the super partner, the dream woman or the prince is waiting for you and finds you so interesting 2miles away.  

Your profile

In addition to the postings, your profile helps you to find someone or to be found yourself. This profile is very extensive and ranges from age, place of residence, gender and appearance, to origin, education, hobbies, religious beliefs, .. to intimate details. You can search for each profile field. The more extensive your profile information, the more accurate the hit rate will be. This information is not set in stone. Since life is constantly changing, your profile must inevitably change too. Sometimes the hair is blond, sometimes green, then blue ... All information you can change, add or delete at any time. Similarly, too busy admirers can be reported or blocked by you if they annoy you.


The value of an online partner exchange is not in the software or the web space. It is you alone who make such a page valuable. We are aware of that and we "reward" you with a free membership (PIONEERS), which also stays free; as a thank you for being part of building this community. In the future, there will be two types of profiles: the BASICs and the PROs, where the PROs will have access to full search functionality and unlimited photo upload, for a fee.

Pioneers are free - forever !!

Peter Bauer - Website developer
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